Grieve Healthy – Live With Pain

Grieving healthy means learning to live with the pain of losing someone that you loved. Losing a loved one is painful emotionally and for many people it can be physically painful as well. In the past, we’ve written about how grieving can affect physical health, which if severe enough can result in muscle pain, headaches, sleep deprivation and heart failure, in some cases.

That’s why it’s important to learn to live with the pain, not under the pain. Acknowledge and accept the pain and don’t allow it to dominate your life. It is normal for people to want to avoid pain, but avoiding situations, experiences, places, people, and doing things that remind you of the person that you lost only delays the healing process. It’s allowing pain to dominate your life and only delays the healing process.

Learning to live with pain and not avoiding it is difficult at first, but in time acceptance begins and the pain gradually diminishes. Start doing some new things all of your own in addition to the things that you did before.
New experiences, new people, new activities will replace the old ones and open you to a world of new possibilities that you can call yours. This is healthy grieving.

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