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Surviving life after a parent dies has special challenges for many teens. Most grief support groups and grief therapists are focused on adult survivors, but there is help for teens from teens who have lost a parent. The web site SLAP’D was created for teens by teens who have lost a parent (

SLAP’D is a social media site for teens 13 and older (or younger than 13 with adult supervision) who have lost a parent to find hope and connection through shared experiences, and aims to ensure that no teen ever has to experience their grief alone. SLAP’D offers our users articles, advice forums, an ask-an-expert column staffed by bereavement professionals, and connections to other resources for grieving kids and teens. SLAP’D has also built partnerships with grief and bereavement centers and organizations nationwide to expand our reach and ensure that our resources for support and healing are reaching those who need us most.

There haven’t been any new posts recently, but there is still some good information to help teens on their journey through grief.

Another great resource for children and teens who need grief support is the National Alliance for Grieving Children

The National Alliance for Grieving Children (NAGC) is a nonprofit organization that raises awareness about the needs of children and teens who are grieving a death and provides education and resources for anyone who supports them. Through the collective voice of our members and partners we educate, advocate and raise awareness about childhood bereavement.
The NAGC is a nationwide network comprised of professionals, institutions and volunteers who promote best practices, educational programming and critical resources to facilitate the mental, emotional and physical health of grieving children and their families.

If you know a teen who has lost a parent or if you are supporting a child who has lost a loved one, both sites offer advice and resources to help.

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