Grieve Healthy – Don’t Get Lost in Your Loss

Grieving over the loss of someone that you loved is a normal human emotion. Each person grieves in their own way on their own time. There is no right way to grieve and there is no timetable for grieving. Grieving is a very personal experience, but it is possible to learn to live with the loss. You can’t avoid grieving, but you can grieve in a healthy way and not get lost in your loss.

We often hear from mygrievingplace readers that they feel lost after losing someone that they loved. The feeling of being lost may be caused be depression which is a common reaction to loss. Sometimes for some people medication can help, but there are other ways overcome depression and learn to live with the loss. This is healthy grieving.

Start by setting some goals for your new life. Move forward with new activities that provide opportunities for you to meet and be with new people. For example, if you are able, look for volunteer opportunities in your area, take adult education classes at your local community college, check your library for adult programs, contact your county department of aging for programs that fit your interests or the AARP web site for programs and activities in your area. These are all low or no cost options to consider.

Set a goal to get involved in some new things and commit yourself to doing them. You may need to force yourself to go at first but stick to your goals and begin to grieve healthy.

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