Grief and Healing

Mygrievingplace readers – welcome to 2019. Notice that I did not use the traditional new year greeting because for many people this is just another day, another year to get through without the person that you lost.
Also, thank you for giving me last week off. I needed the time away to recharge and to think about the next several posts and what I’ve learned from readers and from other grieving forums. One thing that I continually hear from people who are grieving is a feeling of abandonment. They’ve been abandoned by the person that they lost and by friends and family who stopped calling or visiting. I wrote about this in a post on September 24th called “Where Did Everybody Go?”

If your support group has dwindled or if you don’t have a support group what can you do on your own to cope with your grief and to start healing? Start the new year by letting go. Yeah, letting go is hard, but that’s why you’re still grieving. There are some things that you can do to start letting go. Through the urging of family and friends, I found that yoga is a great way to start letting go. Anybody can do yoga and there are many different types of yoga that you can practice depending on your physical ability and they all will help you let go.

Next week’s post will be from Julie Gentile, a wonderful yoga teacher. Julie’s post explains how through yoga you can learn non-attachment, and how not holding on to things is a big part of letting go.

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